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e4od not shifting 8L gas E250 and E350 vans May 24 2010 It 39 s a 1994 F 150 with a 300 and an E4OD. The E4OD transmission is a C 6 automatic transmission with electronic controls and an overdrive gear. Pressing the Overdrive Lockout will return it to 2nd. But since I wasn 39 t Small Block Ford E4OD Ford 460 E4OD AT Ford 7. Or might want a bolt in ready to go body instead of a shift kit. Also sometimes it will not shift into 3rd gear. 3 liter diesel and a e4od tran. 1 2 becomes a bit hard shifting 2 3 is smooth all the time 3 4 TransGo 2 3 Shift Valve 1996 UP Only 1 2 Shift Valve Spring 1996 UP Only Warranty This transmission comes with a 1 Year 36 000 Mile Warranty with the purchase of a new torque converter. If you have ever had your automatic truck get hard to shift into gear and then hear something break this is not likely what broke. Since then the tranny will not shift into 3rd gear. 1994 Ford F350 Rich Fuel And Hard Shifting. 7 2007 2009 Shift Lever E4OD Auto Trans 94 97 Part Number F4TZ7210B. With a converter we always change to a high temp pump seal. Shift the manual lever at the transmission into the D overdrive position for E4OD by moving the lever all the way rearward then forward two detents. Shifter light is working and not The normal smooth shifting associated with Ford transmissions produces heat and advanced wear that severely shortens life. This is for big block ford. What could possibly be wrong It sounds like your forward clutch may have gone out or you may have stripped out the splines from your forward planetary. The e4od won 39 t shift out of first gear half the time. Jan 27 2019 The fluid is either too low or very dirty. Introduced in 1980 it was Ford 39 s first four speed automatic overdrive transmission. 1st gives lite engagement but will not role truck forward at all. Turns out there 39 s a nylon plastic part the has a steel wire and the plastic wears out or breaks. It is always a good thing to increase pump flow and pressure as well as replacing springs that have cycled thousands of times already. TransGo even has kits for computer controlled 4 speed automatics. 4 auto standcab l b 4x4. warning light on the shifter starts blinking and Eng. Dec 14 2013 woohoo Hey this is my first Topic. Before it was droping into 3rd from O. t E4OD Transmissions Rebuilt here with Free Shipping Ford E4OD Specialist Truck E4OD transmissions with heavy duty parts Monster E4OD Transmission Eat My Shift 0 800 708 0087 To shift into third gear the computer releases solenoid 1 only solenoid 2 remains grounded. The most common cause of shifting issues is caused by a bad solenoid in the solenoid pack. If I didn 39 t shift manually the trans would probably burn up much faster. Now the O. Jan 05 2003 This is some info I found out for the E4OD if anyone cares They do offer a gate shifter for the E4OD and also have an upgraded valvebody. but a new sensor fixed it. Helping a Buddy out with his 97 F250 E4OD. I replaced the part and adjusted the wire and can shift correctly now. The e4od won 39 t shift out of first nbsp 28 Dec 2015 I have a 97 7. 02 1 1989 2008 E4OD or 4R100 O D 20 Bolt Pan 4. Here is a The E4OD is electronically controlled 4 speed Overdrive. Im the 2nd owner and got it with 39 000 mi. Customer usually purchase the Shift Tube also. 51 You save 13. I also was wondering about the conv lock unlock for 3rd gear. I changed the fluid and I figured it will get better or worse nbsp 30 Nov 2016 Ok a little history is in order. When I put it in drive it goes but it seems like it is not shifting out of first the rpms just keep going up past 3000rpms. Core Information 1999 2003 Ford 4R100 F250 F550 and Excursion 7. The transmission started leaking from the front so we took it out and replaced the front pump seal. F250 F350 1992 1997. If there are no codes I do not expect an electronic issue. Notice for all Ford trucks with the E40D transmission . Mar 16 2006 E4OD tranny shifting hard still brian. better durability In my experience the E4OD more so than the earlier 3 speed automatics is sensitive to delayed maintenance. It has been updated by Ford many times and now is called the 4R100 automatic overdrive transmission. If it keeps happening you probably have worn clutches and or bands. The biggest issue is the NE34S pid. Jul 19 2017 Clutch Transmission Differential Axle amp Transfer Case E4od not shifting Trying to fix my 97 39 F 250 5. Trying to fix my 97 39 F 250 5. are very expensive 2500. Eliminates sloppy shifting E4OD Transmissions are built to order however with short lead times Each Unit 100 Dyno Tested NO DOAs Built in the USA . The powertrain control module uses the signal from the barometric pressure sensor to determine the altitude at which the vehicle is operating. Jun 04 2019 decided not to tempt fate anymore and that 39 s a good portion of the reason for buying the F250 with the 460 and E4OD. The engine RPMs are really high when it shifts from gear to gear. com Ford s E4OD was one of the first Ford transmissions to be designed originally for computer control. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Under high pressure shifts the valve is allowed to stroke too far causing it to hang up on these ridges and block oil flow to the associated clutch. In addition to these master overhaul kits we also supply torque converters fluids problem prevention kits and in most cases we can supply good take out hard parts and save you somemoney The E4OD was updated in 1998 and this new transmission was the last rendition of the C6. 3L Powerstroke Engines We must have your case and tail housing casting numbers to compete your build. so i ll try and stay on point and not ramble on here it goes. i even ran it in nbsp 15 Oct 2012 The torque converter did not have the drain plug and looked fresh. Will only drive in reverse. OD on or off won 39 t impact anything. Shift kit will help unless you have some valve wear. 8 e4od. they also gave some 4R100 models a PTO option. Whether you need just a better than stock replacement torque converter or a full blown sled pulling converter Revmax has you covered Each Revmax diesel performance converter is custom made to your exact specifications. Unplugging the connector will not fix the issue the E4od is completely pcm controlled. In most cases the switch is located on the side of the transmission essentially hooked to the shift lever in the car. At least 4 forward clutches 2 reverse and 2 overdrive. 63. E4OD transmission shift problems. It is a 4x4 Lariat model 168 000 miles on the original 351 Windsor engine. Shift Rite Transmissions replacement for 4R100 96 04 HD HP 4R100 Accumulator Body Sonnax Transgo Update Valve E4OD Transmission Shift Rite 4R100 5. 3642501k ford 4r100 e4od valve kit frnt lube drainback The replacement ball seat and ball seat stop are made from aluminum and will not melt at elevated fluid temperatures. 3L Heavy Duty Diesel Transmissions Please note If you have a PTO transmission you must put a PTO transmission back in. when shifting from 2nd to 3rd sometimes it just revs up high and takes a long time to shift and shifts hard. coating comeing off valve and makes it stick. Not sure where to nbsp 23 Dec 2010 My trans will not shift into any gear the linkage is fine and the fluid level is good does anyone have any words of wisdom Also sometimes it will not shift into 3rd gear. View Product 5 BD Diesel 1061716 Deep Sump Transmission Pan Soo since I ve had nothing but issues trying to get my electric bw1356 transfercase to work shift on fly two new electric motors and still doesn t work right along with the 4wd module saying it s ok was wanting to put the np205 on the e4od. The solenoid will have a white solenoid with two holes like in the picture. Symptoms. It is quot ford enhanced quot I can run buzz tests and such but it is not a full fledged tool. I got a kid broke intern that works maintenance with me at the city. The 460 should have plenty of power if you aren 39 t on a hill. 1998 Ford renamed the E4OD transmission as the 4R100 transmission. It will not shift through the gears when slecter is placed in drive. The truck has 84K miles original trans was replaced May 29 2017 Beyond that I must admit that the 4R100 transmission E4OD in older nomenclature is barely up to the task of being able to deal with the torque of a stock equipped 7. This provides high quality shifts good fuel economy and overall performance. for all of your Automatic Transmission Part needs. 4 L V8 and E4OD transmission that has recently developed an annoying shudder when down shifting from OD to 3rd typically when going up a grade. If your transmission does not take the gear nbsp 1 Feb 2010 Read about the repair of an E4OD hard shift transmission on a Ford F350 And if you 39 re not careful you could spend a lot of money on a nbsp 27 Apr 2017 1 2 becomes a bit hard shifting 2 3 is smooth all the time 3 4 feels of the trans fluid it 39 s not good just a warning. starts missing like a bad plug wire under load and the trans shifts iratic and hard. 8L Only The fuel injection computer known in tech speak as the PCM Powertrain Control Module is located on the firewall passenger side of your Ford pickup. Product Details 5 ford e4od starts e4od no 3rd or 4th gear how to fix hard shifting 4r100 or e4od e4od starts in 2nd or manually shift it from 1 to 2 it does not shift it will May 13 2016 I am not an expert and I suppose it could be a sensor but I think it is the MLPS and the VSS are the only ones that can affect shifting. This transmission was designed to hold the power but not the torque that a 7. This will help extend the life of the transmission and converter. Find TransGo Performance Shift Kits E4OD HD2 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over 99 at Summit Racing TransGo 39 s Performance shift kits give you the hard launching tire blazing shifts you want after just a few hours 39 work with basic hand tools. I haven 39 t messed with the NE12S pids at all. usshift. Dirty fluid can cause all kinds of shifting issues because it clogs up small passageways going to the shift solenoids. 0 engine with a e40d trans. The gray line shows the connection necessary to apply the converter clutc lu Here 39 s the manual shift pattern you can expect with the transmis E4OD Transmission and Lock up Torque Converter. I can shift my e40d all day long and just hit the button on the dash for 4th. 8L. If you have it rebuilt HAVE IT UPGRADED with 96 above parts and have them install a better clutch pack in it. Stall speeds and efficiencies are precisely matched to your truck Raybestos Powertrain Ford E4OD 1989 95 Automatic Transmission Master Rebuild Kit provides all of the premium quality engineered components that you need to rebuild the 1989 95 Ford E4OD automatic transmission. An unusual feature of the E4OD is Interesting E4OD issue. 0L 5. 53 47. 41. Call us today for a free quote 318 746 1568 877 406 0617 Does not fit 5R110 transmission This Kit is called the 4R100 HD2 TUGGER. PTO Cores must be sent ahead for rebuild. Jun 12 2016 Similar Threads E4od transmission problem Forum Date e4od problems 1992 1996 Ford F150 F250 and F350 Truck Forum Sep 14 2019 E4OD Trans 1992 1996 Ford F150 F250 and F350 Truck Forum Mar 3 2019 Transmission problems 1992 1996 Ford F150 F250 and F350 Truck Forum Nov 4 2019 Apr 28 2011 The E4OD is a large transmission so it 39 s not a great candidate for all swaps it 39 s 4 inches longer than a C6 and considerably larger in diameter with a big pan. The shudder only occurs under an quot easy quot downshift light throttle as opposed to a hard downshift heavy throttle . After about 40 miles stays in 1 gear until throttle is lifted or manually shifted into 2nd gear. Write a Review. One day he came to me said his trans was acting up. I don 39 t have a value there. Fourth Gear To shift into fourth gear the computer releases solenoid 2 neither solenoid is grounded. It was found to not be adequately waterproof. Eliminates shift overlap and excess wear on clutches and bands due to slippage The B amp M Shift Improver Kit the easiest way to get the stout performance Most Ford Powerstroke Diesel SuperDuties with the 4R100 automatic transmissions will not lock the torque converter until just before shifting into overdrive. Why does it shift extremely hard. com user u 2460169 BUY AMSOIL HERE AND HELP O I have a 1990 F 150 4. It is fine when I manually select 1 or 2 when the problem happens no check engine though. C 712. Without a properly functioning computer your vehicle can 39 t start shift or run smoothly. E4OD Heavy Duty Trucks 1989 Up. He 39 s a firm believer that I mess a little with the Trans shift schedule that didn 39 t seem to do much. Backed by over 80 years of automatic transmission OE manufacturer engineering expertise Raybestos Powertrain friction and steel clutch plates are designed to deliver superior quality Apr 29 2011 i have an e4od transmission out of a wrecked 1996 4x4 powerstroke with 149000 miles on it comes with brand new heavy duty torque converter bought to install in my truck but never did my loss your gain everything you need to fix your hard shifting or worn out tra y worked great when pulled call contact number for info or offers Sep 09 2001 Engine tends to rev up about 1000 rpm during the shift. Its not noticeable from a stop but have had it happen with atv trlr on the back in stop n Feb 01 2010 We recently stopped by John Wood Automotive in Holtville California where Wood was in the middle of addressing a rough shifting concern on an E4OD equipped Ford F 350. No kick down. My name is i have a 94 idi turbo e4od od off light stays on fsil safe Can I get VIN so I can pull diagram and see how your electrical is routed a ford f idi non turbo. Feels like it is taking off in 2nd or 3rd. Just won 39 t shift. Clutches and steels are made to factory thickness for the best heat distribution on the clutch packs. brian. The E4OD is currently found in quot F quot Series Trucks and quot E quot Series Vans. The Ford E4OD transmission is a fairly common transmission so the chance of a defective one ending up in your shop is bound to happen. Find Automatic Transmission Shift Kits with No Full Manual and E4OD Transmission Type and get Free Shipping on Orders Over 99 at Summit Racing Jun 21 2020 Does the shift needle align with the letter I have a missed alignment and could never shift into 2nd or 3rd. 4 5. The engine and transmission are monitored with diagnostic testing available through the EEC IV Quick Test. Recently Upgraded now includes New OEM . F amp Larger F Series Trucks E4OD Wiring diagram diagram to remove the tailshaft of a 91 F 4x4 E4OD transmission. 8L 7. Step 8 Install the shifter cable mounting stud into the column shift cable bracket with the 3 8 quot 24 nylock nut but DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN The cable mounting stud RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers 39 doors worldwide all at warehouse prices. 9 2003 2007 Common Rail 6. If the fluid level is low there 39 s not enough fluid to fill all these passages and the transmission lacks pressure internally. 42 MPH. 98 shipping. This rod is in the steering column . It runs good and the transmission Ughhh An AOD would be a good choice. 9. it doesn 39 t leak. 42 seconds with this kit installed. 1 2 The transmission shifts smooth into first and second Ford 1995 Club Chateau. 372 size Line Boost valve and Bushing Does not require transmission removal . When it gets really warm it won 39 t shift out of 2nd but sometimes if I shift it to neutral then back to drive it will but won 39 t with the usual drive 2nd back to drive sequence. D. We get many of these cores in so it allows us to pick the cream of the crop. The trans was built using all Sun Coast components and a 3 clutch billet converter. Fits Ford Diesel Trucks . 5. 0 Will a tranny from a1993 with a5. Our E4OD rebuild kits are built using the best parts in the industry. It took a while to get the shifting programmed like I wanted but well worth the effort. I 39 m wondering if this could be something electrical. E4OD 39 s has this problem with the Alum. 00 Add to cart F6. I would have fluid changed adjust bands if you can not sure if the e trnnys let you do this . Converting E4OD 2nd Gear to a HD Clutch Pack. If the downshift solenoid has any issues it may cause the vehicle to behave erratically when downshifting. rwd ford e4od 4r100 4 speed overdrive valve body recalibration kits 165j shift kit e4od 4r100 transgo This TransGo extreme duty stage 2 Shift Kit provides the Durability Firmness and Control of a Reprogramming Kit with the added toughness of a tugger kit. i have a 92 f150 with a e40d it has shifted hard since i got the truck Apr 07 2014 E4od shift problems A guy supposedly rebuilt my E40D transmission now it slips during the transition from 1st to 2nd though once it 39 s in 2nd does not slip anymore. 47. All the other gears work fine. automatic shift for heavy loads off road pro street and competition. 0L diesel E250and E350 vans 2004 2009 V10 6. It does so many things. View Product 3 Moroso 93105 Perm align Transmission Gasket for Ford E40D 4R100. Feb 06 2008 The diesel transmission will interchange though the shifting pattern will be off a bit. Then look for failure within the next 10 20k or so Whether you need E4OD wiring diagram information E4OD transmission rebuilders tips E4OD technical information E4OD diagnostics E4OD troubleshooting help or just answers to your E4OD transmission rebuilders question the Transmission Rebuilders Network is the place to go The trans will then shift from 2 3 when I manually shift from 2 D firm shift . digital shift lever 1 mlps with pull up blu red mlps plug pin a weatherpack 2pin male trans 1 b 8 digital shift lever 2 no connection trans 1 b 9 digital shift lever 3 no connection trans 1 b 10 digital shift lever 4 no connection trans 1 b 11 digital shift lever 5 no connection trans 1 b 12 transfer case 1 transfer The AOD automatic overdrive is a four speed automatic transmission with overdrive. They did say to bring it in an they would scan computer test it. But i also have a C6 so i dont have all the computer stuff to deal with it would probably be a pain to swap out converters on an E4OD. When you changing the VSS pigtail pull the sensor and clean the metal shavings off it when enough get built up on it its hard for the sensor to read the tone ring. The B amp M E4OD 4R100 5R100 TORQUE SHIFT Cast Alumi num Deep Oil Pan provides several advantages over stock factory oil pans. Not all E4OD transmissions come with the gear machined into the output shaft to drive a cable drive speedometer. Jan 04 2015 This and attempting transfer case shift without a warmed up unit can cause centrifugal apply and or clutch drag in the trans which can cause the output shaft to turn with greater than usual force in neutral causing grinding in the transfer case while shifting. Im not really sure where to go with this any help would be great If you want to help your E4OD get a reputable trans. 8 6. Goes into 2nd then when shifted into drive goes into drive then right into OD. NOTE E4OD is the same. Shift Lever End Cap E4OD 4R100 Auto Trans 94 03 Part Number F2UZ7A214CA. Zoom Sized for Print ACTION Reprogram the Powertrain Control Module PCM . We offer an extended Warranty 2 Year 50 000 Mile Warranty or a 3 Year 100 000 Mile Warranty for an additional charge. quot E4OD Diesel Transmission Stage 1 Shift Improver Kit New Filter . num pans available for the Ford E4OD 4R100 Transmission. 2 I have a 91 F 250 with 7. If the problem existed before I would tend to think there is a bad hard part that didn 39 t get caught when it got rebuilt. There are two nbsp 8 Apr 2017 no blinking OD light. But does not ever shift into 3rd. 8 and 7. Refer to the PCM Application Chart for the correct PCM calibration. Quality parts at discount prices. Mar 18 2010 new rebuilt E4OD wont shift posted in 80 96 Ford Truck Tech Support I have just replaced my tranny on my 1990 f150 5. description qty. shop to recommend and install a valve body kit shift kit such as a sonnex. The Transcommand adjusts this shift and lowers the transmission failure rate. 16. amp amp it 39 s done other electrical issue amp amp felt that bench testing it there shouldn 39 t be an issue. Nov 11 2017 Imaw 1874 e4od solenoid pack diagram plug database website trumpetdiagram lafabricadechocolate es wiring ford truck enthusiasts forums kz 6628 transmission also 1990 bronco picture supermotors net c468 connector resources sz 7238 for a e40d diagrams schematic testing and code referrence sel forum oilburners shift solenoids full size 1997 base botdiagrams innoz tracks de Imaw 1874 E4od Solenoid Certified Transmission offers the following resource for those interested in knowing vehicle applications for the remanufactured E4OD transmission. After the trans is in park and you shift to drive the trans will not shift out of 1st on its own. The transmission has been fine for the couple years he 39 s owned it but this problem just started the other night out of the blue. They were available on the Broncos until 1996. From United States. it still continued to slip. 00 Add to cart E9TZ 7B070 A D36971 E4OD 4R100 OVERDRIVE RETURN SPRING OEM Diaphram Spring 76. Mar 06 2009 Have an e4od in a 89 F350 diesel 4x4 the tranny stopped shifting right one day after rebuild. Reverse works ok. Jan 07 2012 hello I have a 1992 F 150 2wd supercab with 302 and a E4od tranny. These solenoids receive power whenever the key is on the computer supplies ground to energize them. I believe it went into quot safe quot mode because I have no od or 1st gear I believe. Try Baumann engineering 39 s website. More cooling amp lubrication. Brand New. E4OD 4R100 BTS Valve Body Upgrade The BTS valve body is designed to have firmer shifts and better overall fluid transfer for your transmission. Diesel vehicles and those with 4. year part no. inspired by photographs originally published by Slauson Transmission Parts and that Slauson is the J E4OD 2wd 2 5 98 Also Sell EA . and have not had to add since. So I poked around. Splices should not over lap. See full list on usshift. com usq4. Econoline 250 1996 1997. Ford nbsp 17 Jan 2012 Ford F 250 amp Ford F 350 No overdrive on my E4OD If the lite on the shift selector stays lit on it 39 s own there may a trans problem requiring nbsp Archive E4OD won 39 t shift into OD 94 97 Tech. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Drive and 2nd no response. Set the TV so that the shifts are smooth and not late. E4OD 6 Pinion Planetary Changeover. Engineered to Last Heavy Duty E4OD for the 7. This kit does not nbsp E40d trans will not shift into 3rd or 4th gear only rev. C6 will have PRND21. View Product 4 Transmission Shift Cable Ford F150 1997 2003 E4OD transmission. Thanks Follow Ups Re E4OD Transmission problem Dan 21 42 13 07 15 03 1 Re Re E4OD Transmission problem Bruce 08 50 34 03 07 06 0 NOT SURE WHICH PART TO ORDER US Shift Quick 4 Transmission Control System Ford E4OD 1987 1994 IDI not Powerstroke. This particular kit is for use on a Ford E4OD and 4R100 from 1989 up Used in truck van with V8 V10 and diesel engines including F series E series Full size Bronco etc Ford E4OD Automatic Transmission to fit all car and truck applications This is a generic listing we will obtain your Vin number in order to ship the correct unit to you Heavy duty recalibration kit installed to reduce slippage and increase durability. Also the Ford part number is stamped in the solenoid needs to start with quot F8 quot This is a PWM solenoid and does not work with an ON OFF solenoid type. 5 liter engines have the E4OD. The B amp M E4OD 4R100 5R100 TORQUE SHIFT Cast Aluminum Deep Oil Pan has been designed to work on most 1989 and newer Ford trucks with the E4OD 4R100 transmission. On the plus side the diesel will have more clutches in the clutch pack. with an e40d the transmission does not shift. 9L 5. E4OD 4R transmission rebuild kits E4OD 4R transmission May 25 2009 It certainly helps to an extent but it is not the way to fix the design PROBLEMs with the E4OD it 39 s a band aid. It was largely the same as the E4OD but with some changes to internal components to address durability concerns when put behind the ever increasingly powerful Powerstroke Diesel Engine. Please check before ordering. He 39 s got a 93 Bronco 5. This will lead to poor shift quality or no shift at all. gear while going 50 60 . Sep 18 2011 1987 1996 F150 amp Larger F Series Trucks e4od not downshifting I have a 1993 f 150 with a 6 cylinder gas engine and an e4od tranny. These trans. The only two things i could think of would be either a shift kit or a torque converter. Fluid is clean doesn 39 t slip. No codes FIPL set to 1. Transgo Ford E4OD Shift Kit 4R100 E40D Lincoln Automatic Transmission 1989 On SK E4OD. e4od hd2 reprogramming kit shift kit e4od 4r100 transgo 1989 2004 heavyduty 91. It has clunked when shifting from 3 to 2 and does it mostly when there is some let up on the accel like turning and then accel causing the tran to dwn shft. They only did the rebuild not the install. The powertrain control module then adjusts the E4OD shift schedule and EPC pressure for the altitude. hd and hi performance. When cold everything works fine. The E40D has four forward speeds and electronic shift controls replacing the hydraulic governor control mechanism of the C6. Count on AutoZone 39 s F350 engine control computer for increased efficiency and reliably good fuel economy. A good shift kit can also cover up many mistakes in clutch pack clearances and wake up a lazy transmission. some cars have a remote mounted switch however the responsibility remains the same. Buy the Quickshift controllers here https www. Manufacturer Ford Motor Company. Compared to its predecessor MX transmission the C6 offered lower weight less complexity less parasitic power loss and greater torque capacity for larger engines. This kit does not change or modify the shift point speed RPM in any range. Ford E4OD Stage 4 Billet Triple Disc Converter. It is mechanical shifting and can be built up to withstand just about anything. Jan 05 2008 I have a 1990 f 250 with a 7. 50. I have a crappy b amp m shifter in mine at the moment. Unfortunately the E4OD can also be found behind many gas powered trucks as well. I have a1993 Ford F150 that has a5. You could likely make the E4OD column work anyway since Park Reverse and Neutral are in the same position. Used E4OD transmissions are no doubt an enticing option because of they re affordability. 00 Jul 19 2017 Clutch Transmission Differential Axle amp Transfer Case E4od not shifting Trying to fix my 97 39 F 250 5. That way when you move the lever it moves the switch to the appropriate gear range. Does this help narrow it down a little. It starts out in 2nd or 3rd im not sure which every time. All transmission shift E4OD is listed in the World 39 s largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms This information should not be considered complete Ford OEM E4OD Shift Plunger Rod . The stock seal is prone to leaks. 6 5 slipping or not shifting at all. 8 work in my truck I have a 1990 f 150 2wd with a 5. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers 39 doors worldwide all at warehouse prices. While accelerating the car shifts into 1st and 2nd with no problem but not into higher gears. E4OD Accumulator Body 1996 Up This Will Fit ALL 1996 Thru 1998 Gas amp Diesel Except Will Not Fit PTO Applications Casting Numbers On This Acumulator Body RF F6TP These are well kept fresh accumulator bodies taken from our transmission cores. valve. Most shops would not normally change this during overhaul. external sensors on the vehicle like the manual lever position sensor or throttle E4OD Accumulator Body 1996 Up This Will Fit ALL 1996 Thru 1998 Gas amp Diesel Except Will Not Fit PTO Applications Casting Numbers On This Acumulator Body RF F6TP These are well kept fresh accumulator bodies taken from our transmission cores. In the process I damaged the the manual shift lever sensor. The e4od has an oil temp sensor which is mounted on the solenoid body inside the pan. Make sure the shift cable is not in a bind and does not interfere with any moving parts or contact any parts that may melt it. Also make sure your front hubs are really locked not broken trying to shift ranges It Just causes thumps bumps and extra wear. 3L Power Stroke Diesel engine. At the time it was the biggest truck transmission made for Ford trucks through the F 350 line up and larger. This allows quite a bit of slippage within the transmission loosing power to the rear wheels and heating up the transmission. E4OD 97 E amp F Series 2WD and. At least I 39 m fairly certain an early 90 39 s F series had separate OD and D on the shifter. OHM 39 s Should be 10 15 if not this is the wrong solenoid. E4OD 7. 4L gas E150 E250 and E350 vans 2004 2008 6. The E4OD was updated in 1998 and this new transmission was the last rendition of the C6. Rostra External Wiring Harness Repair Kit Installation Instructions FORD 4R100 E4OD 39 95 ON Pin 11 White Yellow EPC Ground Pin 12 Red EPC Positive 12V Pin 1 Red 12V Pin 2 Purple Orange Shift Sol. Plug is clean and no corroded wires same with the MLPS plug. Sep 18 2016 This is the same transmission not an quot exchange unit quot Was the valve body rebuilt in the process Was a quot shift kit quot installed in the valve body On the E4OD there 39 s a laundry list of defective or improperly installed hydraulic parts clutch pieces electronics sensors and valve body issues that can be involved. Apply heat to the splice insulation to shrink the insulation around the wires. With pump mods I ran 636 hp on the dyno and the E4OD seems to hold up to it. The truck is just much better suited for towing heavy stuff. The Ford Expedition received the transmission for the 1997 and 1998 model years. holds 1st 2nd amp 3rd to any rpm. The kit contains uniquely designed parts to prevent the loss of pressures within the main line accumulator control line pressure modulator and lockup control circuits. Sep 28 2017 Ford E4OD and 4R100 units often display shifting irregularities which can be traced to problems with accumulator control valves. 0 E4OD with about a billion miles on it that 39 s his DD and mild trail rig. 5L. 00 Add to cart E4OD HD2 REPROGRAMMING KIT SHIFT KIT E4OD 4R100 TRANSGO 1989 2004 HEAVYDUTY 91. It uses two main solenoids to control shifting. I was passing people. In 1992 Ford started using the differential speed sensor to run the electronic speedometer in trucks and omitted the drive gear from the output shaft. 3 diesel with the E4OD To start whenever the truck is cold the first few sets of shifts are SMOOTH as butter feels new. 3L Diesel Heavy Duty Transmission. When the vehicle is cold at start up when I put it in drive it does not engage untill I rev the engine several times. Shift Rite Transmissions replacement for E4OD 1990 1997 7. 50. E4OD 1 2 up shift problem E4od Accumulator Body Problems will not shift from 1st to 2nd gear until you let up on throttle Drilling Line to Lube Problem it Causes Sep 28 2020 E4OD Transmissions Solenoid Block or Assembly1989 1994 fits Ford Applications New. The fluid looks great and doesn 39 t have an odor. 1989 2008 E4OD or 4R100 O D 20 Bolt Pan 4. I strongly recommend some kit. To view applications begin by selecting the vehicle manufacturer listed below. Only 1 left 13 new amp refurbished E4OD is transmission shifting rough. The E4OD has not been the best of trannies but in the past couple of years Ford has improved it due primarily to the torque of the Power Stroke so I 39 ve been told . 96 Mountain Aire on F53 chassis 460 E4OD. In Stock ready to ship today Application 1989 to 1997 Ford Lincoln Mercury E4OD Recalibrate your automatic transmission for optimum performance and extended life Select the mode that best suits your application Provides crisp shifts on any stock automatic transmission. Everything needed to make your E4OD or 4R100 100 stand alone with all shift point adjustments at your finger tips harness included . There is a hole for one that is plugged and not used on the transfer case. there are some differences however its the same transmission. Yes it 39 s a 4R100. 1 Derale 14208 Transmission Cooling Pan for Ford E4OD 4R100 5R110 and5R110W. 219 ill. 750. 1998 and later heavy duty versions of the E4OD is refered to as the model 4R100. C 53. 16. http imgur. The FORD E4OD automatic transmission is a four speed unit with total electronic shift control and is designed for operation in longitudinal powertrains for rear wheel drive applications. P0107 P0108 Apr 29 2011 Not the tugger 2 kit just a standard shift kit. one stopped shifting correctly so i swapped the trans out of the other because it worked very well but now that it in this other truck it won 39 t shift right. Sep 03 2001 Thats the hard shifting. Ford Transmission Performance Upgrade Shift Correct Kit E4OD 4R100 E40D Truck. All of the newer trannys like E4OD 4R100 AODE 4R70 require some form of electronic control for shifting. Jan 25 2009 The E4OD uses electronic controls to control shift points pressure regulation and torque converter clutch control. Erratic shifting. The E4OD stands for electrically controlled Four forward speeds overdrive transmission. Not sure if that is messing with my premature shift into 4th in non OD or not. I would like to know if the solenoid pack in the tranny would cause it to not shift right I have all the gears but most of the time 2 read more The Ford E4OD was introduced in 1989 and used in both light and heavy duty applications. i tried every variation i could do with the gas pedal but no luck. i got home and checked the fluid and it was low so i put 2 quarts in it. I am not saying that is the problem but would be the first thing I would do to see if it clears the problem. Pre Owned. When I drive from a standstill the trans shifts smoothly. Also there is no difference in rpm whether overdrive engaged at button on lever or not do not think it 39 s going into overdrive. shtml Donate to my patreon https www. Hello your transmission is electronically controlled so there can be a different problem The B amp M Shift Improver kit for 1989 1997 Ford Lincoln Mercury E4OD automatic transmissions recalibrates your transmission for optimum performance and extended life Select the mode that best suits your application Provides crisp shifts on any stock automatic transmission. The B amp M E4OD 4R100 5R100 TORQUE SHIFT Cast Aluminum Deep Oil Pan has been designed to work on most 1989 and newer Ford trucks with the E4OD 4R100 trans mission. 5 watchers. He says it shifts smoothly though when it finally does shift. When it is warmed up it will go right in. 175 inch OD Order separately if needed. The neutral safety switch has nothing to do with shift position. Jim Galatioto E4OD 4R100 Ford Transmission Rebuild Parts Shreveport Bossier auto repair transmission rebuild amp online store. 06 16 2018 06 38 PM 10 New Listing 1992 1993 1994 FORD E350 VAN 7. The E4OD is huge and heavy. One of the first symptoms of a bad or failing downshift solenoid is erratic shifting. ACCUM KIT E4OD 4R100 2ND 3RD 4TH ACCUM VALVES TRANSGO 3 Valves Steel Line Regulator Replaces Aluminum Valves. But mine is different than other posts i 39 ve read on this topic. Still having a bit of a torque converter problem with the lock up not disengaging. A quick opinion regarding reliability the E4OD is basically a C6 with electronics and overdrive which all accounted for spent about 40 years in Ford vehicles. Gearing is a big deal. The first vehicle to use the E4OD transmission was the Ford F150 F250 and F350 series pickup truck. FORD AOD Automatic Overdrive BLOCK TYPE TV CABLE ADJUSTMENT IMPORTANT The AOD transmission may feel like it is shifting at the right time when the TV cable is actually way off The transmission will work for a while and then FAIL Oct 02 2012 The FIPL is a fundamental part of the operating system of the E4OD transmission. When you first pull out it will pull out in first but shifts hard into second and drive. reg. 4. Sep 12 2020 1989 95 Ford E4OD automatic overdrive transmission. The extra capacity provides in 4R100 and E4OD transmission kits are made and assembled in house and all parts are machined to a better than new tolerance compared to OEM. You can measure the OHM 39 s of the lock up solenoid pins to make sure this is the correct solenoid check the picture . can anyone help me ive heard alot of bad things about this tranny. The B amp M on mild isn 39 t going to hurt but you are still really sliding the clutches on a loaded shift. E4OD 4R100 4L60E Shop E40D Shifters and Control Modules parts and get Free Shipping on orders over 99 at Speedway Motors the Racing and Rodding Specialists. It sends info to the control module and alters the shift points to compensate for the thicker cold fluid. Includes front lube drain back valve cup plug . I have a 1992 Ford f250 4 4 with 5. Reset Search 1992 1993 F150 F350 PCM 60 Pin Connector 4. tsb 97 11 11 transmission 4r70w erratic or prolonged 1 2 shift transmission aode erratic or prolonged 1 2 shift Jan 05 2008 I have E4OD auto trany in 90 F150 4x4 4. 3L 4X4 REMANUFACTURED TRANSMISSION Shift Rite E4OD 2 149. miles on it I ve had the truck for several months and have put alot of time and money into it. I mess a little with the Trans shift schedule that didn 39 t seem to do much. Works fine shifting through manualy. Have tried changing solenoi Feb 15 2010 E4OD troubles posted in 80 96 Ford Truck Tech Support I also am having trouble with my 93 f150 E4OD tranny. The new calibration has been revised to better match the engine torque output characteristics. Here is a Oct 10 2003 with the apropriate rev and bang I replaced the gear selector switch on the side of the E4od to no avail. In the Summer 1995 special issue of quot Truckin quot magazine an article was done on the E4OD called quot Bomb proofing Ford 39 s E4OD. Eliminates shift overlap and excess wear on clutches and bands due to slippage The B amp M Shift Improver Kit the easiest The 4 Speed automatic E4OD transmission can be found in multiple trucks across Fords offering. A Used E4OD Transmission . F250 1992 1994 V8 7. 6. LOTS of high RPM from 1 2 So basically it is not shifting correctly. The gearset design is based on the Ford quot X quot automatic transmissions used during the 1950s 39 60s and 39 70s. 9 6 cyl. I don 39 t think the Overdrive off button made an appearance until 1997 on the trucks. Than you 39 d need a built valve body instead. 07 16. 3L Power Stroke Diesel because it was at the edge of capability for supporting the amount of torque and gross vehicle weights that the I have a 2001 f 150 xlt 5. It was marketed as the quot SelectShift Cruise O Matic quot . E4OD will have PRN OD D21 on the shifter. Seven months after the rebuild it started hunting for a gear around Jan 24 2015 APDTY 711671 Front Differential Shift Fork Fits 1997 2002 Ford Expedition 1997 2003 Ford F150 1997 1999 Ford F250 2004 Ford F150 Heritage and 1998 2002 Lincoln Navigator F250 with an Under 8500 Lbs GVW and ID S974A or S974B When Failure Occurs Vehi Dec 21 2011 E4OD transmission with 49 State calibration may experience a delayed harsh 2 3 upshift. It has EFI and an E4OD transmission. After a while of driving the light stops blinking and the eng. to replace with oem and double that for an extreme duty unit. 75. Their performance shift kits can be installed with the transmission in the E4OD 4R100 ZIP. When the E4OD transmission is functioning properly you will find the total engagement time from the moment the selector is moved to FULL reverse engagement will average 1. Easy to use parts catalog. I 39 m not really into fixing the tranny or even replacing it with another E4OD if this is what I have to look forward to. No reviews yet. 3 E4OD AT Adaptable Engine 12V 1st Gen 1989 1993 12V 2nd Gen 1994 1998 24 Valve 1999 2002 4BT Common Rail 5. I did the tricumulator springs and the shifts were a tad quicker during the transitions but not really harsh but a little quot jarring quot . I had the transmission rebuilt by a known transmission specialist here in town last year as it was doing hard upshifts and also doing delayed upshifts. 201 202 203 208 207 204 206 205 E4OD Different Upper Control Body 4R100 Non PTO Shown NOTE E4OD Worm tracks and valves vary slightly. external sensors on the vehicle like the manual lever position sensor or throttle Get all the best parts for your heavy duty Ford E4OD transmission at Global Transmission Parts. Buy It Now C 49. Ford Bronco F150 F250 F350 F450 F53 Automatic Transmission Shift Lever Ford OEM F4TZ7210B FDTSR00001 does not fit your Show me parts that fit Customer Service Account Shipping amp Delivery Order Tracking About Us Careers Contact Us blog FAQ 3674401 FORD 4R100 E4OD RING SPIRAL SURE LOCK OD This retaining ring will not expand and pop out of the groove like the 1st amp 2nd design. You May Also Like. Speed Sensor amp Gearing settings page of Shiftware specifically for E4OD 1994 Ford f150 transmission problem not shifting and throttle body nbsp 31 May 2019 try restarting your device. I did find one 1 by PATC but the part will not work on the 93 and earlier E40D transmissions because please take note because this will include any programer and or electronic add on or permormance products the 1993 and earlier E4OD transmission use a one 1 ohm solenoids and the 1994 and later E4OD use a ten 10 ohm solenoids. Firm shift feel late shifts at altitude Diagnostic Trouble Codes. 54 shipping. Only 11 left in stock order soon. View Product 2 B amp M 40295 Cast Deep Pan. Wear ridges form as the valve moves in and out of the bore. and Ford Diesel Vans. But since I wasn 39 t Feb 20 2007 It 39 s important to note that a MaXimizer E4OD 39 s shift points will not be any different from the factory programmed intervals. 44. stops missing and the trans circuit which also acts as an accumulator. Step 7 Route the shift cable to the steering column. Core Information Superior E4OD 89 E93 Driver Adjustable Pressure Riser The Driver Adjustable PressureRiser is a control module that is mounted inside the vehicle allowing the driver to switch quot on the fly quot from no modification to Standard Heavy Duty or High Performance. Just cranking up is hard on parts and actually hurts the transmission in several ways. if the computer signals a 1 2 shift but the trans does not shift. For an alternate way to determine a truck 39 s transmission measure the transmission fluid pan. Mine was intermittently problematic and the symptom might be different each time random neutral won 39 t 1 2 won 39 t 2 3 etc. If you have question please ask. NOTE The kits and parts on this page DO NOT fit the 2003 and later 5R110W Torque Shift model used in the following vehicles 2009 5. Seems like the 1 2 and perhaps the 2 3 shift. I am using a the E4OD from behind a 96 Powerstroke in my 96 Bronco with a P pump 12 V. However locating the exact match to your vehicle can be difficult and sourcing a properly functioning used E4OD Transmission may take several installation amp removal attempts before getting a good one. Our premium parts are precision engineered and quality tested for dependability. Jun 12 2014 Ford Transmission E4od Not Shifting Out Of First Gear Half The Time. After telling them the issues they said the codes were not related to the trans. For working trucks. 9 axle with 120 000 miles. 12 Jul 2017 Clutch Transmission Differential Axle amp Transfer Case E4od not shifting Trying to fix my 97 39 F 250 5. If your E4OD is slipping overheating shifting irregularly or making noise you should repair it before or in conjunction with the installation of your B amp M E4OD Shift Improver Kit. Shifting to 3rd caused it to bog. Weird E4OD dropping into neutral randomly Powerstroke Nation It will shift through 1st and 2nd ok. Adjusts shift firmness. 175K on the truck. This means the shift points are controlled by the ECM. Got out to take for a spin and move in driveway wants to shift from nbsp 1 Dec 2011 Hey guys I 39 m having a problem with my bronco. 0 out of 5 stars 15 149. I got my 95 f350 7. Ford E4OD transmission shift problem. 07 The largest fault the E4OD had was the soft shift they designed into it. Dec 17 2015 Q My car does not shift gears properly. However it did have some reliability issues. In 1969 Gil Younger the founder of TransGo began engineering and manufacturing valve body repair kits for the professional automatic transmission trade. The BD transmission and convertor clutches are mechanically and pneumatically designed not to slip. The rebuilt torque converter is 350 alone TransGo Shift Kit for 1989 2003 Ford Diesel Applications with E4OD Automatic Transmission. 9 5. 3 with E4od and just randomly it will not shift from first to second in drive but if i go from drive to second it will shift no problem then shift back to drive and it will got to third and so on and it will down shift in drive and Reverse will work no problem. It 39 s not like the newer truck that will jump to second when its in 1st. Ford E4OD Automatic Transmission to fit all car and truck applications This is a generic listing we will obtain your Vin number in order to ship the correct unit to you Heavy duty recalibration kit installed to reduce slippage and increase durability. No. 3L diesel can produce. The B amp M E4OD 4R100 5R100 TORQUE SHIFT Cast Aluminum Deep Oil Pan provides several advantages over stock factory oil pans. 1992 ONLY Is the shift arm held on by an external nut Yes or No See Picture 1992 UP 2WD ONLY On the driver s side is there a Vehicle Speed Sensor in the tail housing or is the hole plugged See Picture Jan 13 2014 I paid 1200 for a local guy to do my e4od in my diesel and all he did was fixed what was broke and cleaned it up but it was still shifting great 70 000 miles later 01 12 2014 08 07 PM 8 sublime757 Oct 02 2016 Yes an E4OD. May 01 2003 The E in E4OD stands for electronic. 5L AUTO TRANSMISSION E4OD 8 460 162K 4x2 FACTORY. Even to shift manually seems I have to get the RPMs just right. Its not that muck The term Shift Kit is a trademarked brand name owned by TransGo and may only be used to designate products manufactured by TransGo. I cannot find a VSS on the transmission. I have a1993 Ford nbsp 18 May 2019 restarting your device. patreon. The E4OD transmission was introduced by Ford in 1989 as a new super duty automatic overdrive transmission for their trucks. If it 39 s not see if you can scrounge or just buy a new shift lever position sensor. The E40D pan measures approximately 20 inches in overall length whereas the 4R70W transmission has a length of about 15 inches. 53 34. I changed the fluid at 100000 mi. Sonnax Zip Kit for 4R100 and E4OD Transmissions 179. 8 and E4OD transmission with 187. 4R70W Thrust Bearing Kit 76201EA SEE F6 2 ABOVE Buy this quality rebuilt solenoid block that fits 95 97 and some 98 on off type lock up E4OD 4R100 transmissions only. reference no. E4OD 4R100 Converting to 4 Clutch OD Pack. Description 201 2 3 Shift Valve 202 3 4 Shift Valve 203 Low Reverse Modulator Valve Inboard Low Reverse Modulator Valve Center So maybe one of them is a vacuum sense for the e4od any help would be great Related Transmission HARD SHIFT Content. Problem is that the shift points are way off. I have a 91 Ford F250 with 7. At the point it would have normally shift into Overdrive It goes into quot neutral quot condition. The new shift strategy change results in quot Quick Sharp Shifts. It 39 s not shifting into overdrive. TransGo 2 3 Shift Valve 1996 UP Only 1 2 Shift Valve Spring 1996 UP Only Warranty This transmission comes with a 1 Year 36 000 Mile Warranty with the purchase of a new torque converter. 3L Diesel 7. 25ish Volts Recent MLPS aligned via the mark VSS speedo working flawlessly tach working good. I have a 97 7. Corrects Missing gear clutch burnup long shifts. its 4000 mile later iam going back ive got 42000 on it going to 1994 ford f150 auto e4od transmission shifting problemswill not shift out of first gear stays in first 73l idi 69l e4od not going into first gear when in d hi i have a 1991 f 350 w 73 and e40d transmission it going to 1994 ford f150 auto e4od transmission shifting Overhaul Kits Includes Gaskets Rings Seals E4OD 4R100 96 Up Bonded Pan Gasket Kit does NOT include Super Duty Extension Housing seal 36074E 3. 00. 99 Jan 03 2013 WIW the shop used a Superior valve body and tweaked the accumulator themselves and this is the smoothest shifting E4OD I 39 ve ever driven. My 86 has 33s and the engines bogs a little bit. A year later Ford offered the E4OD in the Ford Broncos. E4OD transmissions are controlled by the PCM so despite the 9 Not Used 10 Not Used 11 Electronic Pressure Control EPC 12 Vehicle Power in for EPC Solenoid VPWR Figure 4 Solenoid Resistance Chart Solenoid Solenoid Body Pin Numbers Resistance Shift Solenoid B 2 1 amp 2 20 30 Ohms Shift Solenoid A 1 1 amp 3 20 30 Ohms TCC Solenoid On Off 1 amp 4 20 30 Ohms TCC Solenoid PWM 1 amp 4 10 Why will my truck work in reverse but not drive 3 Answers. Jan 16 2008 e4od shifting hard generations 8 9. 3L IDI and 7. Simply stated the E4OD is a thirsty unit in terms of reverse apply clutch fill volume. 1990 1998 Ford E4OD Heavy Duty Diesel Transmissions for the 7. Disconnecting the battery resets the computer. Sep 28 2017 Sonnax Zip Kit E4OD 4R100 ZIP targets the root cause of multiple concerns by sealing critical circuit pressure losses in the valve body and pump. That means that under heavy load ie towing the transmission can overheat. With the selector lever and transmission manual lever in the D position tighten the nut at point A to 17 24 Nm 12 18 ft lb torque. These guys are using a resistor to put limited power to the quot controlled quot side that the computer grounds. 22 Feb 2016 Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. It aids the Transmission Electronic Control Assembly in determining proper shift points in relation to throttle position and allows the computer to determine both WOT for downshifts and idle position for TC lock and unlock. A bad or failing solenoid may cause the vehicle to experience hard or erratic shifting when slowing down or coming to a stop. The E4OD marked a major shift by Ford from the hydraulic controlled technology to computer controls to shift gears. Apr 16 2013 E4OD Shifting problem 94 97 Tech. 3 e4od 4x4 on a trade and i drove it home and the transmission was slipping. 3 Lt Diesel engine E40D Automatic Transmission and 3. 28 The E4OD was produced from 1989 1998. backshift to any gear at any rpm 1989 thru 1995 only new calibration system with broader range adjustment. In this video series I m going to show you how you can potentially solve your E4OD erratic shifting behavior and really get the best performance out of it wi 1. If so get a stand alone and be done with it . I pulled the trans pan today and it nbsp We have found no negative effects using this box on our trucks or on several beta test units over the last couple years. The E4OD was simply renamed quot 4R100 quot in 1999. Doubles low clutch holding pressure in 1 for downhill use high speed pull into 1 . Had to shift down to 2nd years ago in the mountains towing an 18 foot trailer with my Land cruiser on it and my K Bike and more. Apr 27 2017 I come to you for help troubleshooting or confirming my suspicion about my tans in my truck 1997 F 350 7. I know that may be the problem but i am be no means experienced at this. Torque converter Hi po valve body or shift kit. If no electrical PCM wiring VSS or solenoid issues exist and if you do need to tear into the E4OD the likely cause of this 2nd 3rd shift issue is the valve body 2 3 shift valve an SS1 or SS2 solenoid or circuit malfunction a damaged center support assembly overall wear or a faulty direct clutch assembly. Handles exhaust brake. TCC amp Pump Stator Problems. Once it warms up however it starts to act up. May 14 2008 I replaced the solonoid pack inside the pan and the nutral switch and adj to specs. This is a post titled Ford E4od Transmission Wiring Diagram we will share many pictures for you that relate to quot Ford E4od Transmission Wiring Diagram quot . They do not offer a manual valve body for it though. 2 Pin 3 Jul 23 2016 My 1990 Ford F 150 has developed a shift problem. 3000. suspect a faulty or stuck Accum. Mar 25 2004 If you watch the scanner data. shifting irregularly or making noise you should repair it before or in conjunction with the installation of your B amp M E4OD Shift Improver Kit. . This transmission was introduced in 1989 as an upgrade from its predecessor the C6 transmission. The fluid has no burnt smell and looks clean. No recalibration kit can fix an already ailing transmission. Beyond where it E4OD Adjustable Pressure Riser quot Electric shift kit quot FSB Forums The EPC solenoid is a ground controlled solenoid meaning that when you ground the thing it works and the line pressure goes down. The later E4OD system that includes the ECM has revised shift points. F350 1992 1994 V8 5. 9L with a e4od tranny 97 000k . clunk. switching to drive after getting up to speed it shifts fine 1994 ford f150 auto e4od transmission shifting problemswill not shift out of first gear stays in first 17 17 product ratings Ford F150 Super Duty Bronco 4R70W E4OD Transmission Shift Cable OEM F5TZ 7E395 A. Does the computer have to be calibrated or did I possibly do something wrong Jul 14 2015 E4od factory shift mph My trans has still been shifting weird since I towed with it the other day it 39 s been running the baumann trans controller for like 8 years now and with Paul 39 s vb the 1 2 has about been like 10 12 mph its holding now to 18 20 mph and 2 3 is over 30. The AOD automatic overdrive is a four speed automatic transmission with overdrive. Upper Control Valve Body Descriptions gt I. Post Mar 16 2006 1 2006 03 16T17 13. I have 2 93 f150 4x4 trucks with e4od transmissions . The truck has been running fine from the day I bought it used around the first of December 05. com a RHSBQ nbsp The Quick 4 does not support the early ATR MLPS or Range Sensor connector used from 1989 to 1994. It did and again even locked again which is unusual because it will usually shift to third but not lock after it gets this warm. TYPE IN A 3 DIGIT FROM DIAGRAM. Code 452 632 from KOEO KOER. The shifter runs about 280 the valve body 250 and a complete transmission with all the upgrade parts for about 2000. 3 with E4od and just randomly it will not shift from first to second in drive but if i go from drive to second it will shift no problem then nbsp 11 Nov 2011 Went through the harness seems like the wiring is good theres no power to the shift solenoids when the truck is underway. It has the worst rap for being behind the 7. 3L Powerstroke All Internals upgraded to 4R100 Hard Parts This is why there is 700 a price difference from the 4r100 All E4OD valve bodies and solenoids upgraded to 1996 latest E4OD models Designed for demanding conditions Improved Performance at E4OD 4R100 Transmission. RatioTek E4OD 4R100 Shift Correction Kit 1989 2004 K37944RT OPT Product Code RTK RT E4OD 4R. The only problems I have had have been an oil leak at the back of the engine around the The Ford C6 is a heavy duty automatic transmission built by Ford Motor Company between 1966 and 1996. You may want to try one of the aftermarket shift controllers. It was rebuilt and has only 10000 miles on it. No other problems seen fluid good 1st and 2nd shift crisp and gear is strong. Better converter feed and capacity. If it starts in park and neutral the mlps should be working correctly. e4od not shifting